Bikram Yoga or Original Hot Yoga is a series of 26 postures and two breaths recognized worldwide and practiced in all countries of the world in a room heated to 42 degrees and 40% humidity in 90 minutes. The practice of Bikram Yoga sometimes called hot yoga helps to strengthen and soften your body through heat. Bikram yoga brings many physical and mental benefits: stress evacuation, weight loss, elimination of toxins especially through sweating. After a course you feel relaxed, back pain and headaches fade. A general well-being is felt.

The Benefits of Yoga Bikram

The majority of Bikram Yoga enthusiasts come to seek a complete activity that allows them to stay healthy to keep or regain the line and evacuate the stresses of everyday life. The benefits of a regular practice of Bikram yoga in a warm environment are numerous:

Managing stress with heat the muscles relax more quickly and tensions fade and relaxation is immediate. The oxygenation and the awareness of its breathing allows to evacuate the time of a series of stressors. The benefits are felt well after the session.

Weight loss and muscle strengthening and greater flexibility.
Heat helps stretch her body. Bikram yoga allows you to go further in stretching the muscles relax better and faster you can go further in the effort. Bikram Yoga improves posture by strengthening the particular muscles of the back and abdominals. It is a good remedy for back pain because it realigns and strengthens the spine.