It’s so fun to fly and open your body.

A complete body workout using traditional yoga, aerial arts and Pilates

Perfect for improving your flexibility and your strength.

The yoga fitness aerial course a happy mix of dynamic movements combining yoga and aerial circus arts. Using a suspended hammock allows you to work against the laws of gravity to develop physical strength, balance, coordination, agility and flexibility in a global awareness of your body. Aerial fitness yoga will have a regenerative effect for your spine through inversions that will allow decompression and rehydration of the discs. This course combines originality and pleasure while maintaining the importance of feeling, letting go and channeling your energy to the tradition of the yogic approach.

Introductory course: Has aerial yoga fitness piqued your curiosity? The introduction class will allow you to familiarize yourself with the basics of this training. This course is a prerequisite for the level 1 aerial yoga class..

Level 1: If you’ve already tried the introduction class, you can move on to level 1.  The level 1 class will allow you to deepen the basics, to continue master different types of inversions and acquire new techniques of aerobic fitness training. This class is a prerequisite for level 2.

Level 2: Are you passionate about aerobic fitness yoga? Are you comfortable with all inversion postures and aerial « acrobatics » of level 1? If you want to persevere or push your limits in this discipline, level 2 is for you!

Conditions for practicing Aerial Fitness Yoga:

It is strongly discouraged to have one or more of these conditions or diseases to undertake Aerial Fitness Yoga.

Please read the following list carefully before signing up for a class.

Recent operation (shoulder, back, eyes, hip, hand, wrist)

Recent brain injury

Easy dizziness

Severe arthritis

Botox (last 6 hours)




Herniated disc

Hiatal hernia

Heart disease

Osteoporosis / Bone weakness

Recent cardiac surgery

Cerebral sclerosis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Very high or very low blood pressure.

I, ______________ (surname, first name) _______________  declare that I am physically healthy to undertake a physical training such as Yoga or Aerial Fitness. I agree to see my doctor before starting the suspension training. I acknowledge that there are risks associated with my participation in this physical activity. I agree to release the Merchant and its representatives from any cause of action that may arise from its negligence or that of its guests and / or injuries incurred.

Signature of client ___________________________, signed in Montreal on ___________________