This is a very specific 90-minute series of 26 yoga postures and breathing exercises taught by a 43 degree heat. Each pose is a challenge based on personal abilities; each pose addresses a certain part of the body, providing specific and powerful benefits for health. The class is designed for beginners as well as for students who have a regular practice. Each class is open to new students.

Postures are performed in the safe environment of a heated room so that deep penetration can relieve muscle resistance without the risk of injury. Each posture in the copyrighted posture sequence is performed in a specific order, preparing the body for the next posture, resulting in powerful healing and miraculous results.

At the end of the Hot Yoga Original Course, you will have worked on all the muscles, tendons, joints, ligaments, internal organs and glands while systematically transferring fresh oxygenated blood to 100% of the body. These postures work synergistically and cumulatively to put the body back on track and keep it in balance. This yoga strengthens strength, balance and flexibility by gently stretching and massaging the spine, muscles, tendons, joints and all internal organs of the body. Pulmonary capacity is extensive, resulting in greater vitality. The bones are strengthened. The seals are open and lubricated. The muscles are strengthened, toned and made more flexible.

Regular practice of this series of postures results in healing and repair of injuries and illnesses, weight loss and peace of mind.